Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scared of Spinach? Eat Butterhead!

It’s funny how certain events in the marketplace influence the marketability of some products. I’m thinking of this recent e-coli scare with regard to spinach. As soon as the supermarkets that we supply with Boston lettuce found that they had to take spinach off their shelves, they turned to us, begging for more lettuce.

Now I know that there are many people who have salad every day, but I didn’t realize that in their minds spinach and butterhead lettuce were interchangeable. I should have known that they weren’t going to forget about their passion for crunching on such a healthy, vigorous food as salad greens, just because spinach was temporarily unavailable.

Chuck and I stuck our heads together—our task was to figure out how to increase our daily quota of 350 heads of lettuce. We decided to call the experts at Advanced Nutrients. A plant scientist who works for that company suggested that we add Super Nutrients Super Bud Blaster to our regular regimen of Grow, Micro, and Bloom.

The super nutrients in Super Bud Blaster are a proprietary mixture of powerful plant foods, minerals, and vitamins that are configured for easy absorption during the completion phase of our crop cycle. It not only creates tastier fruits and vegetables, but it also speeds up their growth, enabling us to harvest some lettuce ahead of time.

Which is exactly what we need now. We’re also floating more seedlings on our Nutrient Pond than ever before, attempting to eventually raise our quota to 400 per day, without having to hire any extra help. The four of us working on it have to put in extra effort, but it’s worth it if it pleases our customers.

The slogan “88 reasons you’ll get larger harvests faster” caught my eye on the Advanced Nutrients website, so I ordered some SensiZym to add to our nutrients solution. Its array of eighty-eight different enzymes are biological catalysts to supply life energy to our lettuce plants, enabling them to grow faster and better.

Since Advanced Nutrients firmly believes that mixing synthetic and organic plant nutrients is the way of the future, we also added Mother Earth Blended Organic Super Tea Grow to our reservoir. It can be used in conjunction with other plant nutrients to provide the missing elements needed for strong, sustained vegetative growth.

We’re also using Wet Betty Organic not just because we like the picture on the container, but also because its growth stimulators pass quickly into roots and leaves for that extra kick that will help to increase our production of quality lettuce.

I’m glad to report that although we just started this new regimen about a week ago, when the spinach scare first hit the headlines, we’re starting to deliver more product to our customers on a daily basis. Of course the Sensi Cal Mg Mix Grow is a major part of our feeding regimen, since lettuce requires more calcium in order to produce crunchy and flavourful leaves.

You must know that this miracle product not only contains calcium and magnesium, but the wise plant scientists at Advanced Nutrients mixed these two vital nutrients in direct proportion with all the other micronutrients necessary to produce robust and zingy vegetables.

Sensi Cal Mg Mix also contains Nitrogen (N), Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Boron (B), Molybdenum (Mo), and Cobalt (Co). You only need one to two teaspoons per gallon of nutrient solution. In our experience, this product is far superior to those made by their competition, since none of them is as inclusive and helpful as Sensi Cal Grow.

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