Friday, October 30, 2009

Hydroponics Grow Enhancers: The Answer to Getting Bigger Yields

Using an effective grow enhancer can definitely give you bigger yields and better crops. These products are also popular because they can be used through any stage of plant development such as germination, vegetation, and flowering. Grow enhancers are considered very effective because they contain a powerful combination of vitamins and other substances designed to help stimulate plant growth.

One of main reasons why these enhancers can give you bigger yields is because they provide your plants with essential B Vitamins. Using certain concentrations of B vitamins is a very potent way of stimulating plant growth. For example, vitamin B1or Thiamine helps promote the synthesis of sugars that your plants need to thrive. By adding this vitamin into your reservoir, you increase your plants’ ability to absorb these sugars, thus, giving you large, hearty fruits and vegetables. This B vitamin complex also contains vitamin B2 or Riboflavin that activates an enzyme to catalyze the ability of plant cells to turn oxygen and sugars into the energy that they need to grow.

Grow enhancers are also often packed with seaweed or kelp extract which contain powerful plant hormones designed specifically to encourage plant growth. These hormones send a signal to your plant cells to grow and divide very rapidly, which leads to faster growth, faster harvest time, and bigger yields. And to make these nutrients and vitamins as effective as possible, high quality grow enhancers come with a humic acid base. Humic acid has the ability to chelate, or bind positively charged ions that can allow your plants to absorb more nutrients than usual.

Hydroponics is easy to set up when you're a hobbyist, but if you have aspirations of becoming a master grower, you owe it to yourself to read the best hydroponics newsletter on the web.

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Hydroponic baby lettuce

Hydroponic Lettuce and Micro-greens test to test varieties and growing mediums. No electricity was used.

Watch the video from here...


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Hydroponic lettuce growing using CFL!

This is a video showing hydroponic lettuce growing under the lights that I made in my other video "How To Build a CFL Grow Light Fixture - CHEAP!". I've been making a video from seed to harvest using these lights along with a hydroponic system shown in this video. I'll post that as soon as it's all together after my harvest. Comments and suggestions welcome.

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The methods of growing commercial hydroponic lettuce.

Watch this video for incredible results....

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