Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hydroponics is once again proven to be safer

You might have heard of the great tomato scare that hit the headlines in recent weeks. This is once again proof that hydroponics is a cleaner, safer method of growing vegetables than soil ever could be. Not to mention faster, more efficient, and able to produce more yield per square foot than conventional agriculture.

Chuck and I were chuckling (pun intended--couldn't resist) at yet another vegetable grown in soil that was making people sick. It would have been even more humorous if it had not been for that death in Texas, which involved a person on cancer chemo whose immunity had been compromised and could not ward off the e-coli bacteria.

It took investigators a full eight months to figure out how the spinach crop became contaminated some time ago (a cow pasture too close to the spinach fields). I wonder how long it will take for the tomato scare to be pinned on one type of pollution or another.

Our salad greens, herbs, and pak choi are selling well and Chuck and I with our other partners are contemplating building some more greenhouses to grow tomatoes. Of course, we are hesitating since tomatoes are having such a bad rep at the moment, it will take some time to restore the public's confidence in them. We've switched to eating cherry tomatoes with our salads, since that particular variety is not affected. And we're looking around for a hydroponic supplier even for that small variety.

Grow hydroponically--and that goes for all vegetables! We've found some excellent blogsites that are spreading the gospel of hydroponics, and they focus on leeks, soybeans, dwarf avocado trees, and peppers of every variety. Click on in order to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Another way to learn all about hydroponics is by subscribing to the Advanced Nutrients newsletter, simply by clicking here and filling out you e-mail address. It comes regularly into your mailbox and is filled with helpful facts about setting up your very own indoor hydroponics garden.

We hope to post more often in the coming months, but we are still extremely busy supplying our retail outlets with our outstanding produce.

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At 9:00 PM, Blogger IndoorHerbs said...

That's a good point: hydroponics are so much easier to keep sterile.

Plus it uses so much less water than field crops it's much better for the environment. If every city used rooftops and empty lots to grow under greenhouses with hydroponics we'd use millions less in gas shipping produce from where its grown to where its eaten.

It's practically criminal that so much of what we eat is still soil-grown.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger silvio said...

So glad you agree! Soil (i.e. real estate) is a finite quantity. If we can grow on rooftops or in basements, we are in fact increasing the square footage of our vegetable producing capability. This could revolutionize food production. However, since it would take the profits out of the pockets of the multinational food producers, the powers that be try to discourage us at every turn from doing this. Ever notice the amount of bogus "warnings" in the media about the "dangers" of indoor gardening? They don't want us to do it ourselves, even if it means healthier food produced in our own homes, saving the skyrocketing costs of transportation.


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