Monday, August 25, 2008

Crisp Salad Greens (CSG) is a leading hydroponics supplier of healthy produce!

Chuck and I took some time off to watch the Olympics! Weren't they great? We were in awe of the opening and closing ceremonies and the variety of heroic efforts that graced these past 16 days.

Luckily, we have reliable staff, so that our Greenhouses kept running, while we were both glued to our TV sets. Now we decided to get into shape, so we ride our bikes to work and started getting up early to run a few miles each day.

We are equally zealous about growing our food hydroponically. The high cost of gasoline and energy in general makes us glad that we're close to our retail outlets and thus save on having to transport our produce out of State.

The old system where every vegetable and fruit was grown in either California or Florida is crumbling. Home hydroponics has taken off and we encourage it. It doesn't matter that householders seem to be going into direct competition with us. The more, the merrier. There will always be folks who are not able to grow their own food (or too busy relaxing or working to do so!) and for them, we'll always be there!

I'm making this a very short post, because having taken two weeks off, we have a lot of catching up to do with regard to the business. Our Boston and Specialty Lettuce, our Herbs, and our Pak Choi are doing really well and so far this Summer (is it almost over?) we've had no major problems (knock on wood!).

So please support our suppliers (Advanced Nutrients is our exclusive supplier for hydroponic plant nutrients--they can be accessed via their website at click here.)

Oh, and if you want to start growing your own food at home hydroponically, the first thing you should do is sign up for the best hydroponic newsletter in the business--just type in your e-mail at this url!

Signing off for now, I'm Silvio urging you to eat healthy and start exercising!

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At 12:27 PM, Blogger hooked.on.ponics said...

Be careful with the eating healthy and exercising - next thing you know you'll start feeling great and wanting to exercise more!

I started out jogging a mile every other day and before I knew it I was running 3 or 4 miles each day because I just felt so energetic.

Good health is addictive, and those healthy veggies are too!


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