Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hydroponics Rocks!

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At 1:14 PM, Blogger IndoorHerbs said...

I like that music!

You always find cool videos.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous DrJohnDSorganics said...

I would like to introduce our company, Sorganics, Inc. And tell you a little about our business. At Sorganics, we believe by focusing on the simplest, most fundamental aspects of environmental problems and business challenges, we will help individuals and organizations adjust their behavior which is often a combination of heredity and cultural influences. Through education and effective problem solving, we can improve their relationship with the environment, while providing business leadership.

We are a young, but formidable, small business based in Florida. Through our business relationships, we offer domestic and non-domestic “green” companies reliable, high quality alternatives to in-house resources for new sales and business ventures.

Our company’s initial focus is the marketing and distribution of a breakthrough, all natural, and Eco-friendly fertilizer made in the USA. Although somewhat new to the market, the research on this product goes back 50 years. It is the only all natural fertilizer that delivers all 90 elements on the periodic chart.

As you know, most human illness and disease can be attributed to the lack nutrition in one way or another. The same holds true for plants. Hypocrites, the Father of Medicine said; “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. As long as we continue to grow and eat “nutrition less” fruits and vegetables, we are only scratching the surface of the big problem, malnutrition.

The crops of today have been tricked into growing and looking good with only three elements, NPK. These chemicals plague our waterways and contaminate our drinking water while providing inferior fruits and vegetables on our tables.

The product we represent, OceanSolution, is made from clean ocean water. You see, the ocean is the only place in the world where all 90 elements on the periodic chart can be found. Why is this important? Every crop grown strips the soil of nutrition. If the soil has been stripped of nutrition, it only makes sense that nutrition needs to be added back. As I mentioned earlier, today’s crops have been tricked into growing with chemicals, three in particular, NPK. Although it is better to eat fruits and vegetables grown on chemicals than it is not to eat them at all, we can do better than that.

By using OceanSolution as your fertilizer, you are able to offer the plant a buffet of elements. Did you know that a tomato can take up to 56 elements if offered? Think about it: tomatoes are currently grown on NPK with a few minor elements but not nearly 56 elements. Compare the consumer getting a “chemical” tomato with some nutrition, to a consumer getting an all natural tomato with the correct number of elements required “genetically” to produce a healthy, nutritional tomato.

Our product has been successful on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, lawns and playing fields world wide, producing superior growth and healthier plants, while reducing and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Our mission is simple: save the world one drop at a time! Because of our size, our efforts have been focused on those seeking “change”, and those who “get the big picture”. I ask you, what a better place to show “change” than by making Gardens and Lawns eco-friendly, chemical free, producing healthy fruits and vegetables, while providing a safer environment for us all to enjoy now and in the future?

We would be honored of course if you would try our product, but we also feel an obligation to our fellow man to make them aware of the chemical dangers and the profound effects of these chemicals on our children and environment. We know, it’s time to put up or face the consequences --- and we are here to help.

Leading by example sets the stage for the necessary changes the world needs today. Your example would naturally be duplicated throughout the US and eventually the world. I don't believe you have anything to lose by merely trying this product. On the other hand, the gains we will all realize on our planet will be felt quickly and of course for generations to come…… a blink of an eye by some people’s definition.

The impact and the fruits of such an example will be not only realized by our generation, but for our children and their children. Dr. Maynard Murray discovered the seeds which we believe need to be planted today. This is the reason we are spreading the word through our organization: to make the right decision to undo what is obviously so wrong, and affects so many species other than humans. Reversing the methods that have been used for decades, should be our duty not only to ourselves but to all living things that are negatively affected by it. You will definitely be spreading the seeds and setting the example necessary to make this change happen, merely by setting the standards, not only across our country, but eventually the world, for future generations to reap.

Thank you for your time and if you are interested have someone from your staff contact us.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

At 9:56 AM, Blogger silvio said...

I'd like to see the plant science evidence that NPK is bad for plants. Advanced Nutrients, the world's leading hydroponics nutrient company, uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are also chelated, for easy absorption by plants. Hydroponics has none of the problems of soil depletion, that you mention. Most hydroponic systems recycle their nutrient solution, so they are environmentally friendly. They also offer 100% organic nutrients, so purists like yourself can use their products without reservations.

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